Convicted Felons can get Medical Marijuana Cards in Arizona

In the state of Arizona medical marijuana is legal. There are over 10 acceptable conditions for which a person can receive a medical marijuana card. In most states including Arizona even balance can get an Arizona medical marijuana card. This is is regardless of whether or not they have served time due to a marijuana related crime.

Marijuana has been shown to be helpful for multiple debilitating conditions including ALS, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, HIV, glaucoma, and more. The Atty. Gen. of Arizona has stated that he does not feel convicted criminals should be getting medical marijuana in arizona.

This is a bogus comment. In addition to stating that convicted criminal should not be getting medical marijuana az, the Atty. Gen. also questions individuals getting az medical marijuana unethically. Here’s the problem with those statements. 1st of all medical marijuana is now legal in Arizona. Therefore people who qualified with a debilitating medical condition can get an az medical marijuana card here. This is regardless of their race, gender, or any other variable outside of the debilitating condition.

In the same way that it would be unethical to turn away a convicted criminal who has a debilitating condition in need of narcotic medications, how is it then appropriate to turn away an individual with a criminal record who has a debilitating medical condition from a substance that is now legal in the state of Arizona? If a convicted criminal does his time and integrates back into society, and then develops HIV or cancer, is it then okay to deny them medical treatment because they’ve spent time in jail? The answer is simply no that is an irresponsible method of selective treatment.

There will always people who try to skirt the rules and regulations in both medical aspects as well as life in general. But to cherry pick the individuals who can and cannot receive medical treatment such as a medical marijuana card az simply based on mistakes today have made in their lives is just plain wrong.

Medical marijuana in Arizona patients can get their Arizona medical marijuana cards through Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors.

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